Difficulties that deaf people face

Difficulties that deaf people face

Can you imagine a world where there is no sound? You are trying your best to express your thoughts but can’t make anyone understand? It may be an imagination for you but it’s the harsh reality with the deaf people.

Today in America there are 28 million individuals who are hearing-impaired. These people face a great deal of difficulties in communicating with other normal individuals.

Deafness strikes the hardest toll on children. We all know that language is learned by a person from hearing it spoken by some other people. Deaf children take almost twice the time to learn a language compared to hearing children. This is because the deaf children have to be taught sign languages and lip reading first to get to the language. In this process they often may feel secluded and lost. That’s why they may go through severe anxiety stage. Moreover, when these children want to communicate, they need a person knowing sign language by their side all the time. And if not, the other person must speak slowly so that they may read his/her lips to understand what he/she is trying to say. It is a very tough situation for a child. There was a test on this issue by The Gallaudet Research Institute based in Washington D.C. The test was run with 926 deaf students between the ages 17 and 18 in reading comprehension skills. The test result found out that these students had the exact literacy level as hearing children aged 8 to 9. The result itself says how hard it is for the people who are hard of hearing to go along with the normal world.

In case of imparting education to the deaf students there are several international and federal laws. These laws order every institution to provide the proper education to deaf students. Laws state that there can’t be any discrimination between a normal student and a student with special needs. Almost all the institutions are following the rules but there are still some problems no matter what. It’s not that the educational institutions are deliberately making it hard for the deaf students, but they are facing some difficulties in the normal process. For example, the teaching and testing process is being altered for the students with special needs but they are lagging behind in case of education because they need more time to pick up everything. Learning a foreign language is another barrier to these types of students because some of them may not acquire it easily. Still, those who are passionate are winning the situations and giving their everything to educate themselves and make their marks in the society.

All these deaf people need is some attention and help from the normal people in the society. If we have a positive and sympathetic outlook for them and aid them in their lives, they also can become the people they want to be.

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