Litigation class settlement announced in dvd cc labeling case

How annoying is it to get a captioned DVD and then to find out that none of the bonus material is captioned? The Los Angeles County Superior Court has approved a preliminary settlement in a pending class action against Buena Vista Home Entertainment for misleading labeling on DVDs that indicate the material is captioned when, in fact, only the main feature is captioned.

The notice of the settlement provides that deaf people who obtained DVDs prior to April 27, 2006, are members of the class. If deaf people believe they were individually injured and wish to file their own lawsuits, the notice provides an opt out provision. If people do not opt out, they will be automatically included in the class. The settlement requires that the companies will distribute $275,000 to non-profit advocacy groups among other items in return for a release of claims against the companies. The court will also hold a final hearing on the settlement in August.

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